My name is Dan Summers and I’d like to welcome you to SawedFish, a site dedicated to helping you find the right Chainsaw.

A few months back, after years of great service, my old saw finally cut its last branch. Actually it was my dad’s saw. He gave it to me when he decided to upgrade to a newer model so you could say it’s served us both very well over the years. Anyway, when it came to getting a replacement (my actual first chainsaw purchase) things were a bit more difficult than I imagined. There are so many different products on the market right now that for a first time buyer like me choosing the right one was a bit of a nightmare. I had more questions than answers when I started shopping. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. (So to speak!)

When I was researching various Chainsaws I was looking for a resource that provided detailed information in one place but I found myself jumping from site to site, reading conflicting views, getting even more confused. It was extremely frustrating and the last thing I wanted was to waste my money on something that wasn’t up to the job. There were a few vendor-type sites and some informative articles but nothing with the in-depth coverage that I was looking for.

And this is how SawedFish has come about. When you finally buy a new saw you want to make sure that it can deal with all the jobs you need it to perform. The reviews on this site have been written to make sure every one of your questions is answered before you commit your hard earned money. I dig into each product in so much detail that my reviews take days to write. I read user manuals, on-line reviews, watch videos and test products if I get the opportunity. If I have any unanswered questions about a product I contact the manufacturer for clarification. If a saw is great, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t cut the mustard I’ll let you know that, too. Hopefully you will find everything you need to know right here so that you can go out and buy with confidence.

Once again, thanks for visiting.

Good luck in your search.



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