The Blue Max brand is owned by North American Tool Industries (NATI), which manufactures its products in Asia. The Blue Max 7953 12 Amp 14 inch Chainsaw is one of two electric saws included in this brand and is designed for light cutting duties around the yard.

There aren't too many reviews currently online for the Blue Max so its a little difficult to make an assessment of its performance. However, costing less than $50 you won't find many chainsaws which will beat this machine on price.

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blue max 7953 14 inch electric chainsaw review

Performance and Handling

As indicated in the introduction, the Blue Max is a light duty, occasional use saw which can be used for a range of tasks. These include pruning, limbing trees and cutting small logs.

It has an ‘easy start’ system which involves activating a lock off button and then squeezing the throttle trigger. Once done, the saw starts up immediately. To stop the saw you simply need to release your grip on the throttle.

At around 9lbs it is a reasonably light saw and fairly easy to handle for most people. It is quite maneuverable and useful for cutting in tight spaces. This provides plenty of versatility making it a good saw to cut shrubs and other light yard brush. In terms of handling, it also has a soft comfort hand grip designed to reduce vibration. This should enable the operator to use the saw for longer without getting fatigued.

Cutting Equipment

The 7953 is equipped with a 14 inch low kickback bar and chain.

The bar has a sprocket on its tip which helps movement of the chain around the bar. Every now and again you will need to use a grease gun to inject grease into the four rivets holding the nose sprocket to the guide bar. This will ensure cutting performance is maintained.

The chain itself has 3.8” pitch, 0.05” gauge and 53 drive links. This is a popular size chain on homeowner saws, providing a good balance between performance and strength. The chain speed is 19.7 feet per second (6 m/s), which is slow compared to some of the larger electric saws but adequate for a light cutting saw like this.

As with all chainsaws, you will need to ensure that the chain is kept properly taut to ensure that it maintains cutting performance. Chains will stretch


during use (and even more so in the early days) so it is important that you keep a close eye on tension and adjust whenever necessary. In the early days this should be after every few minutes cutting.

To tension you will need to loosen the bar nut and then use a screwdriver to turn the tensioning screw which is positioned on the front of the power head unit. Although this is not as convenient as a tool-less tensioning system it is a relatively simple process which should only take you a few minutes at most.

A few users mentioned that the chain had a tendency to slip off, especially when warm. This emphasizes the point that tension should be checked regularly.

Design and Construction

This is a traditional rear handle chainsaw constructed from hard plastic.


Some of the features are shown in the diagram above. On the rear handle there is a switch lock and throttle switch in close proximity for easy use. The oil cap is easily accessible and positioned on top of the powerhead unit. There is a half wrap style front handle and just in front of this a hand guard. On the front of the powerhead unit you will find a set of bumper spikes.

Blue Max 7953 v2

The above diagram provides a view of the right hand side of the saw. There is a single bar nut holding on the cover. The tensioning screw is on the front of the powerhead unit, out of view.

When you get the saw you will need to attach the guide bar and chain. Clear instructions about how to do this are provided and a number of users mentioned that this was quite straightforward.


Powered by a 12 Amp motor, this saw has all the muscle required to handle its moderate cutting tasks. In theory, based on the fact that this type of motor is usually around 80% efficient, the 7953 should be capable of producing around 1.2 – 1.3 horsepower.

The engine runs at around 3,500 rpm which is low compared to a gas saw but again not an issue for this type of saw.

Bar Lubrication System

When it comes to lubricating the chain, the Blue Max has an automatic oiler system. This means that you don’t need to manually release oil to the bar and can therefore just concentrate on your cutting.

A good quality bar oil should be used and this should be vegetable based/bio-degradable if you plan on doing a lot of pruning. The oil is added through the easily accessible reservoir cap on top of the saw and you can keep a constant check on the oil level thanks to the saw’s transparent window.

The reservoir itself has a capacity of 3.4 oz., which is 100ml. In common with many smaller electric saws this isn’t particularly large so you should ensure that you have a supply of bar oil nearby. The good news is that 100ml of bar and chain oil is supplied with the purchase so that at least will get you started.

Safety Features

The Blue Max contains a number of safety features, including:

  • Low kickback bar and chain to help reduce the chance and seriousness of kickback.
  • Chain catcher. This hook positioned on the bottom of the saw is designed to protect the user and catch the chain in the event that it snaps or slips off the bar.
  • Safe start system thanks to safety lock button.
  • Hand guards to protect the hands from debris and coming into contact with the moving chain.

Interestingly, many of the seller sights mention that it also has a quick chain brake system. This is slightly misleading in that it doesn’t have a chain brake as such, relying on the operator to let go of the throttle trigger to bring the saw to a halt.


With a weight of around 9lbs. this is a reasonably light tool to handle. It compares with other similar products in its class.


As well as an operator’s manual, it comes with a protective bar scabbard and a small quantity of bar and chain oil.


  • Easy to start
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Lightweight
  • Low Price


  • Chain tensioning requires tool

Consumer Ratings

Unfortunately there are fewer than 30 ratings online for this product so any definitive conclusions need to be treated with some caution. The product has achieved an overall rating of 3.1 which is disappointing compared to other products available.

The general consensus amongst positive reviewers is that this is a no nonsense saw that does exactly what it promises. The main criticism appeared to be the fact that the chain slips from bar easily. There were several very negative reviews which dragged the score down although in fairness a number of these did not make any constructive comment whatsoever.

I will review and update the ratings at a later date.


The Blue Max comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Price of the Blue Max 7953

Currently available at under $50, this is one of the cheapest saws in its class. We believe it is a fair price for the product.


At this stage it is difficult to make a whole hearted recommendation of this product. Given the lack of reviews, it is hard to form a judgement of the saw’s performance and capabilities. At under $50 it is available at a very low price and buyers may think that it is worth the risk. Alternatively, if you spend an extra $10 you could get the GreenWorks 20222 which has higher ratings based on far more buyers.


blue max 7953 14 inch electric chainsaw

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