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ModelTypePower RatingGuide Bar LengthWeight (lbs)Cutting StrengthChain Oiling SytemRatingPrice
Worx WG 303.1Electric14.5 Amp16 inches11Light/MediumAutomatic4.5$100 and Under
Timberpro 62cc 20" Petrol ChainsawGas62cc20 inches15Medium/HighAutomatic4.4$101 - $200
Remington RM1425 Limb N TrimElectric8 Amp14 inches6LightManual4.3$100 and Under
Poulan Pro PP5020AVGas50cc20 inches16MediumAutomatic3.8$101 - $200
Black and Decker LCS1020Battery20 volt 2 Amp Hour
10 inches7LightManual4.3$100 and Under
Husqvarna 240 2 HPGas38cc16 inches13LightAutomatic4.0$101 - $200
Black and Decker LCS1240Battery40 volt 2 Amp Hour12 inches8LightAutomatic4.5$101 - $200
Husqvarna 445 ChainsawGas45.7cc18 inches13Light/MediumAutomatic4.3$301 - $400
Greenworks 20312 CordlessBattery40 volt 4 Amp Hour16 inches13Light/MediumAutomatic4.5$201 - $300
GreenWorks 20222Electric9 Amp14 inches8LightAutomatic4.0$100 and Under
Black and Decker LP1000 AlligatorElectric4.5 Amp6 inches7LightAutomatic4.7$100 and Under
Worx WG304.1Electric15 Amp18 inches11Light/MediumAutomatic4.5$101 - $200
Makita UC4051AElectric14.5 Amp16 inches15Light/MediumAutomatic4.7$201 - $300
Husqvarna 450Gas50.2cc18 inches13Light/MediumAutomatic3.9$301 - $400
Husqvarna 455 RancherGas55.5cc20 inches16Medium/HighAutomatic4.3$401 - $500
Oregon CS1500Electric15 Amp18 inches13Light/MediumAutomatic4.1$101 - $200
DeWALT DCCS690M1Battery40 volt 4 Amp Hour16 inches16Light/MediumAutomatic4.5$201 - $300
Remington RM1025SPS RangerElectric Chain/Pole Combo8 Amp10 inches10LightManual4.1$100 and Under
Makita XCU02PTBattery36 volt 5 Amp Hour12 inches10LightAutomatic4.6$301 - $400
Greenworks 20262 G-Max 40VBattery40 volt 2 Amp Hour12 inches9LightAutomatic4.2$101 - $200
Remington RM5118R RodeoGas51cc18 inches18Medium/HighAutomatic3.9$201 - $300
GreenWorks Pro GCS80420Battery80 volt 2 Amp Hour18 inches14Light/MediumAutomatic4.4$201 - $300
Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14Gas32.2cc14 inches11LightAutomatic4.4$201 - $300
Ryobi P547Battery18 volt 2 Amp Hour10 inches9LightManual4.4$101 - $200
GreenWorks 20362 Battery24 volt 2 Amp Hour10 inches11LightAutomatic4.4$101 - $200
Sun Joe SWJ800EPole Saw6.5 Amp8 inches7LightAutomatic4.3$100 and Under
Sun Joe SWJ802EPole Saw6.5 Amp8 inches8LightAutomatic4.4$100 and Under
WEN 4017Electric12 Amp16 inches10Light/MediumAutomatic4.3$100 and Under
Ego Power+ 56 VoltBattery56 volt 2 Amp Hour14 inches11Light/MediumAutomatic4.7$201 - $300
Poulan Pro PPB4014Battery40 volt 2 Amp Hour14 inches10LightAutomatic4.3$101 - $200
Sun Joe SWJ701EElectric14 Amp18 inches10Light/MediumAutomatic4.0$100 and Under
Remington RM1645 VersaElectric12 Amp16 inches9Light/MediumAutomatic4.1$100 and under
Remington RM4216 RebelGas42cc16 inches14Light/MediumAutomatic4.0$101 - $200
Oregon CS300-A6Battery40 volt 4 Amp Hour16 inches12Light/MediumAutomatic4.5$301 - $400
Makita XCU03PTX1Battery36 volt 5 Amp Hour14 inches12LightAutomaticN/A$301 - $400
Husqvarna 460 RancherGas60.2cc20 inches16Medium/HighAutomatic4.5$401 - $500
Hitachi CS33EB16Gas32.2cc16 inches11LightAutomatic3.8$101 - $200
Husqvarna 120iBattery40 volt 4 Amp Hour14 inches11LightAutomaticN/A$201 - $300
Ryobi RY40511Battery40 volt 1.5 Amp Hour`14 inches10LightAutomatic4.1$201 - $300
Echo CS-590 Timber WolfGas59.8cc20 inches16Medium/HighAutomatic4.4$401 - $500
Sun Joe SWJ698EElectric9 Amp12 Inches7LightAutomaticN/A$100 and Under
Worx WG305.1Electric8 Amp14 Inches7LightManual4.3$100 and Under
GreenWorks 20332Electric14.5 Amp18 Inches12Light/MediumAutomatic3.9$100 and Under
Poulan Pro PP4218AGas42cc18 Inches13Light/MediumAutomatic4.0$201- $300
Zombi ZCS5817Battery56 volt 4 Amp Hour16 Inches16Light/MediumAutomaticN/A$201- $300
Earthwise CS30116Electric12 Amp16 Inches10Light/MediumAutomatic4.6$100 and Under
Zombi ZCS12017Electric13 Amp16 Inches12Light/MediumAutomaticN/A$100 and Under
Craftsman 4.0HPElectric15 Amp18 Inches11Light/MediumAutomatic4.1$101 - $200
Ivation Electric ChainsawElectric15 Amp16 Inches13Light/MediumAutomaticN/A$100 and Under

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