GreenWorks 20222When it comes to power tools, Greenworks has an excellent reputation. The GreenWorks 20222 9 Amp 14 inch corded chainsaw is a relative newcomer to their collection and is a replacement for the popular 20012. It has been designed for light use around the home and comes with some nice features.

It isn’t perfect but at just over $50 it does exactly what it promises and offers fantastic value for the money. Carry on reading this review and decide for yourself whether it would be a welcome addition for your own power tool collection.

Performance and Handling

According to the manufacturer, the Greenworks 20222 can be used for basic limbing and felling, as well as removing buttress roots. It’s an ideal saw for trimming branches and limbs, which makes it perfect for back yard use.

Let’s examine performance and handling in more detail.

Firstly, switching the saw on is a simple and painless process. You simply need to plug it into a power supply, add chain oil, activate a couple of switches and the saw is ready to cut. Unlike gas powered saws, there is no need to go through the rigmarole of mixing gas and oil; not to mention having to put up with the frustrations of a temperamental machine which takes a while to start!

greenworks 20222 9-amp 14-inch electric chainsaw review

In terms of what it is capable of doing, this saw is best utilized for relatively moderate use on small limbs and trees. The user manual states that it has a cut capacity of 14 inches. Don’t, however, expect to be able to work all day on trees and limbs of this size without putting a lot of strain on the saw.

Realistically, it will comfortably cut through branches between 6-8 inches in diameter. It is able to cut slightly larger limbs with a little care but this is taking the 20222 out of its comfort zone and if you need to cut at this level on a regular basis you would be better off looking for a more powerful device.

In summary, this saw is useful for small projects as opposed to regular everyday use. It’s ideal if you need to use it on shrubs, mini-trees and reasonably small limbs, although less effective for heavier cutting. This makes it an excellent homeowner saw for use around the yard and you may find, given its budget price that it is a whole lot cheaper than paying a gardener to come in and do a tidy up.

So, how easy is the 20222 to use? Its reasonably short bar and light weight means that it is maneuverable and simple to handle. You shouldn’t have any problems getting at those awkward limbs when pruning your trees.

Overall, this is an easy to handle saw which performs excellently on light cutting work. Learn more about the 20222 in the video below.

Cutting Equipment

Firstly, the facts. The Greenworks 20222 has a 14 guide inch bar with a small tip which provides lower kickback potential. This comes with a low kickback chain, which has 52 links, a 3/8” pitch and a 0.05” gauge. This is a popular size chain and replacements are readily available.

The guide bar is equipped with a nose sprocket which improves chain movement and therefore cutting performance. To prevent damage to the cutting equipment you should lubricate the tip hole using a grease syringe. The manufacturer recommends that this is done weekly.

Regular chainsaw users will be aware that the chain tension must be correctly maintained at all times. On this saw, keeping the chain tensioned couldn’t be simpler and unlike other saws doesn’t require the use of tools to do it. As demonstrated in the video below, you simply need to loosen the chain cover lock bolt and then turn the chain tensioning lock bolt clockwise to get the right tension. Then tighten the chain cover lock bolt and the procedure is finished. As demonstrated in the video, this takes less than 30 seconds.

One issue that a number of users have raised is that the chain does have a tendency to slip off every now and again. This can be especially noticeable when cutting through small bushes where leaves and other foliage can get stuck between the chain and body, forcing the chain to slip.

Even though a number of users commented on this, most viewed it as a minor annoyance rather than a major problem. Given how easy it is to readjust the chain, users were happy to live with this inconvenience. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, it’s worth checking the tension more regularly than you would normally with other saws.

On a final note, you should always ensure that the chain is sharpened regularly so that it stays in top condition. Full instructions are provided on how to do this in the operator’s manual, however, you will need a 5/32” round file and holder for this job.

Design and Construction

The Greenworks 20222 is a nicely designed saw with some clever features.

The saw is a plastic construction so isn’t as robust as some higher specification saws. This does, however, help to keep the weight down and provided you treat it with care you shouldn’t have any issues.
Greenworks Design 1

As you can see from the picture above, the saw has a rubber grip rear handle which houses the trigger switch and switch lock buttons. Just in front of the handle there is the oil reservoir window for easy monitoring of oil levels. The reservoir cap is positioned on top of the saw and as you can see this is easily accessible with no obstructions.

The diagram below shows the positioning of the two large bolts used for maintaining the chain tension as well as the front hand guard.
Greenworks Design 2

One clever design feature is the chain cord retainer which prevents the cord from coming away from your extension cord whilst cutting. This involves forming a loop at the end of the chainsaw and is demonstrated in the video below.


The saw is powered by a 9 amp motor capable of delivering around 1.4HP. It provides an output 1,080 watts when running. This means that if you pay say 17 cents per kilowatt-hour for your electricity, the cost of running this saw continuously for one hour would be around 19 cents. As you can see it is a relatively inexpensive saw to operate.

Whilst not as powerful as other popular electric chainsaws, the engine is capable of handling the light duties for which the saw is designed.

Obviously the downside of electric saws is that you need to be close to a power supply. You need an outdoor extension cord to attach to the saw and this needs to be the correct gauge based on length. The maximum size cord recommended by the manufacturer for use with this saw is 100 feet and this should ideally be a 12 gauge cord.

You can read about recommended extension cables in this article.

If you are not near to a power socket, you can of course run your saw from a generator. You need to ensure, however, that the generator is capable of providing running power of at least 1,100 watts (preferably more) and starting power of 2,200 watts.

Chain Oil System

When it comes to the saw’s chain oiling system there are both positives and negatives.

First, on the plus side there is an automatic oiling system in place which means that you don’t need to activate a button to release oil to the bar. The oil reservoir cap, as mentioned earlier, is easily accessible so filling up is a simple process.

Now on to some of the downsides. At just over 4oz (125ml), the oil reservoir doesn’t have the largest capacity and many users report that this saw goes through a significant amount of bar oil so you will need to stop regularly to fill up. You need therefore to remember to check oil levels often to ensure the reservoir doesn’t run dry, although the semi-transparent reservoir window will help in this regard.

It could be argued that this saw releases too much oil and unfortunately, unlike some saws, there is no adjustment switch to regulate the flow of oil. That said, it is better for both cutting performance as well as the saw’s health, that more oil than not enough is released to the bar. As well as this many users, whilst commenting on this issue, were otherwise very happy with their purchase and were willing to accept this slight negative.

Given the above, it would also be wise to think carefully about storage to ensure that oil leakage does not spoil any of your surfaces. If storing for any length of time it may be worthwhile ensuring that the reservoir is empty.

You should always use a good quality chain and bar oil, such as Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar and Chain Oil is used. Note – oil is not provided with this purchase.

Safety Features

Even though this is a light duty saw, safety features are still important and these include:

• Small tip guide bar for reduced kickback. As you may know kickback occurs when the saw is thrown violently back towards the operator. The only way to properly protect yourself from harm is to use the saw in the prescribed way, but this type of bar will ensure that the kickback isn’t quite as severe as you might otherwise experience.

• Further protection against kickback is provided by a low kickback chain which prevents the cutters digging in too deeply at the kickback zone.

• Front and rear hand guards. These help protect the hands from twigs and foliage, flying debris and harm in the event of a derailed or snapped chain.

• Bucking spikes. These are spikes attached to the front of the saw’s powerhead and help to provide stability during cutting.


This saw weighs 8lbs, which is one of the lightest saws on the market.


This is a budget saw and as such comes with few accessories. In addition to the operator’s manual, a scabbard for the bar is also supplied.


• Powerful motor for a home use light duty saw
• Easy to start
• Excellent cutting ability
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Low price


• Goes through a lot of chain oil.
• Chain has a tendency to come loose so tension needs to be checked regularly

Consumer Ratings

There are over a hundred reviews on line for this product and the feedback is positive, with around 80% of buyers rating their purchase as either good or excellent.

Consumers were particularly happy with both price and cutting performance. They were also pleased with the 20222’s easy handling.

On the downside, buyers weren’t happy with the amount of oil the saw goes through and some leakage which occurred. Buyers also found the need to tension the chain regularly a little inconvenient.

On the whole, however, it is fair to say that the positives outweigh the negatives.

You should consider buying this saw if:

• You are looking for a cheap homeowner saw for occasional use.
• You want it for light cutting work.
• You want a saw which is easy to start and handle.

You should not buy this saw if:

• You have a larger budget and want something with a higher specification
• Having to frequently refill with oil is an issue for you.

GreenWorks 20222 9 Amp 14 inch corded chainsaw Price

Currently on sale at just over $50 this saw represents excellent value for money. In terms of price, it is the same bracket as the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim, which is another light use electric saw.


This product comes with a limited 4 year warranty against defects in materials, parts and workmanship provided the saw has been operated for personal use.

greenworks 20222 9-amp 14-inch electric chainsaw review

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