The Husqvarna 435 16-Inch 40.9cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw is one of the smaller members of this manufacturer’s chainsaw range.

If you need a gas powered saw for occasional light cutting duties around the home and farm, which is both lightweight and easy to maneuver, then the 435 could be just the product you are looking for.

Not only does it have some great features, but incorporates much of Husqvarn’a latest technology.

Carry on reading to learn more.

Husqvarna 435


Performance and Handling

The 435 is one of the smaller saws in the Husqvarna range and is best suited to light cutting duties.

With its 16 inch blade, it should in theory be capable of cutting through a 14 inch log in a single pass. If you are using it for felling or bucking logs under 12 inches you should find that the saw zips through them no problem. For tougher, thicker cuts, however, you may find the saw slightly undersized, especially if you are used to operating bigger, larger engine machines. User feedback suggests that this is a very nimble and easy saw to handle, making it a great choice for occasional limbing, clearing brush and light firewood cutting.

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One strong feature common to all Husqvarna homeowner chainsaws is how easy they are to handle. This is due to several things. Firstly, they are designed with operator comfort in mind. The 435 has a well-designed rear handle with a soft inlay for extra comfort. Then there is Husqvarna’s LowVib system which is designed to reduce vibration levels and, as a consequence, operator fatigue. This system is backed up by the numbers. Front handle vibration is measured at 3.8 m/s² and rear handle vibration at 4.2 m/s². To put this into context, anything below 5.0 m/s² is considered low for a power tool. At these levels you can safely use the saw for around 3 hours in an 8 hour period.

In terms of performance, the starting system is reasonably straightforward and the 435 has an air purge button which removes air from the carburetor

and fuel system for easy starting. There are instructions for both ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ starting using a combined stop/start switch. It should be noted here that quite a few people found the Husqvarna difficult to start, especially when warm. There are quite a lot of people online giving their opinion about the best way to start the 435 (much of it contradictory), but the best advice seems to be from people who haven’t experienced problems – and that’s to follow the operator’s instructions to the letter.

There are also a number of users who mentioned that the saw cut out shortly after starting and would not run properly. The manufacturer is also clear on this point as it relates to the carburetor settings. The carburetor is set at the factory but the settings may not be right for all conditions and it may, therefore, be necessary to adjust the carburetor on receipt. Full instructions are provided on how to do this if you are competent in this type of thing. You will need a special tool (around $6 on Amazon) . The manufacturer recommends that any adjustment is carried out by a certified technician. Most users who experienced running problems advised that following adjustment the saw worked perfectly well.

Cutting Equipment

The 435 being reviewed comes with a 16 inch bar and chain, although the recommended lengths are between 13” and 18”. User feedback suggests that the maximum size should be 16 inches which can just about handle tough cutting.

The guide bar is an own brand Husqvarna, with a sprocket nose and narrow tip for reduced kickback. The sprocket nose helps chain movement but you will need to ensure that the sprocket hole is regularly greased using a grease gun. (Click here for to see a cheap syringe)

The chain is a Husqvarna own brand, 0.325” pitch and 0.05” gauge. The 0.325” pitch chains aren’t quite as popular as the 3/8” chains and some users mentioned that, on the Husqvarna, they are not the greatest and require regular sharpening to maintain cutting performance. To sharpen the chain you will need a 3/16” round file and holder plus a flat file. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself you should have it done professionally, or alternatively buy a new chain for around $20. In the long run it is definitely worth learning how to sharpen your chains.

Chain speed is important for cutting performance and on the 435 it is around 17 meters per second, which is not particularly fast and one of the reasons the saw might struggle on tougher cuts. For light cutting, however, it is more than adequate.

As well as keeping the cutting components sharp, they need to be kept properly tensioned. This is a simple enough procedure and is done by way of the side mounted chain tensioner. Full instructions are provided and a scrench tool (supplied with the purchase) is required to loosen the bar cover nut and adjust the tensioning screw.

Design and Construction

The 435 has the traditional Husqvarna home owner saw design.


As shown above it has all the usual features. As well as these, there are snap locks holding the cylinder cover in place. This means you don’t need to dig out the tool box to get to the spark plug and air filter, making maintenance quick and easy.

Like all Husqvarnas, this unit has a forged three-piece crankshaft able to stand up to the toughest conditions. There is also a centrifugal air cleaning system which makes sure that any larger particles of dust and debris do not reach the air filter. This in turn means that the air filter needs to be cleaned and replaced less often, saving you money and time.

There are several features not shown in the above picture. These include a visible fuel window (to check fuel levels), a chain catcher on the underside of the saw and a felling mark on the body of the saw. This helps to make your cutting more precise and accurate. On the right hand side of the saw, the clutch cover is held on by a nut and there is a screw for tensioning the chain.

40.9cc Engine

The 40.9cc engine delivers 2.2 horsepower, which is more than enough for light cutting. It is part of the X-Torq system which the manufacturer claims helps to increase fuel efficiency and power whilst reducing emissions. The maximum power speed is 9,000 rpm which is pretty standard for a saw in this class.

When it comes to fuel, you need to mix gas and oil in a ratio of 50:1. So for every gallon of gasoline, you would need to mix 2.5 fluid ounces of oil.

In terms of gas, you need to use unleaded with a minimum octane of 87. This should be the minimum and the higher the better (using a 91 octane for example is likely to improve performance). If you are working at continually high revs, for example when bucking, you will definitely need more than 87 octane. You should avoid gas which has a high ethanol content, which has been known to impact performance and damage engine components. If possible use ethanol free gas, but in any event under no circumstances should it exceed 10%.

As far as the oil is concerned, use oil which is formulated for air-cooled two stroke engines, such as Husqvarna’s own brand. Never use oil designed for water-cooled engines.

The 435 produces a sound pressure at the operator’s ear of 102 dB(A). Prolonged exposure to these levels of noise can impair hearing so it’s recommended that ear protection is worn.

Chain Oil System

Oil is released to the cutting equipment by an automatic, fixed flow oiler. The good news is that you don’t need to remember to manually release bar oil as you go along, enabling you to concentrate on the cutting. The downside is that there is no mechanism to adjust the rate of oil flow, which is a feature on some Husqvarna models. This allows the operator to adjust the rate of flow to match the operating conditions, particularly useful when working in temperature extremes.

Oil is added to the tank through the cap on the side of the saw (shown above in the Design section). This is easy to get at and the cap has a tether so it won’t roll away! The reservoir has a capacity of 8 fluid ounces (240 ml), which is a reasonable size. Oil is pumped at the rate of 13 ml per minute so a full reservoir should last around 15-18 minutes. It is perhaps worth refilling after every 10 minutes or so to ensure that the reservoir doesn’t run dry.

You should use a quality bar and chain oil with good adhesive properties and never use waste oil.

Safety Features

Like most Husqvarna chainsaws, the 435 has all the safety mechanisms you would expect, including:

  • Low kickback guide bar and chain to reduce the frequency and severity of kickback. The cutting equipment fulfils the requirements of ANSI B.175.1 relating to gas chainsaw safety.
  • Inertia activated chain brake which will help reduce the likelihood of injury in the event of kickback.
  • Hand guards. Front and rear handguards help protect the hands from being struck by flying debris or coming into contact with the chain.
  • Chain catcher. This also protects the hands in the event the chain comes off the bar or breaks.
  • Vibration dampening system to help reduce long term hand problems.
  • Throttle lockout button to prevent accidental operation of the throttle control.
  • Muffler. This will keep noise to a minimum and direct fumes away from the user.

Despite these excellent features, the recommended advice is never to rely solely on these devices for your safety. Ensure that the chainsaw is operated in the correct manner, use common sense and always wear appropriate clothing and safety gear (Read our article Chainsaw Gloves, chaps and other essential apparel for more information).


Without the cutting equipment, the 435 weighs 9.2lbs. With the bar and chain added, the weight will be just under 12lbs, but remember that fuel still needs to be added. This is still very light, however, for a homeowner gas model.


This product comes with an operator’s manual, scrench tool and a scabbard to protect the cutting equipment.


• Excellent cutting ability

• Light for a gas saw and easy to use.

• Well-constructed


• Difficult to start when warm

• May require carburetor adjustment

Consumer Ratings

There are almost 400 reviews online for this model, with just under 70% of people rating it as either excellent or good. Whilst this is respectable, there are more highly rated products currently available although these do tend to cost more so there is a trade-off between quality and cost.

Buyers like the ease of use, lightweight nature and cutting performance of this saw. Others pointed out that it can be difficult to start, especially when warm, and that they had to have the carburetor adjusted before it worked as anticipated.

You should buy this saw if:

• You want a gas saw for light cutting duties

• You know your way around a gas chainsaw and know how to deal with minor issues.

• You want excellent cutting performance.

You should not buy this saw if:

• You want a saw which is guaranteed to work out of the box.

• You want a saw for heavy duty cutting

Price of Husqvarna 435 Gas Chainsaw

It is currently priced at just over $250. I believe you are paying a slight premium for the brand here and whilst the price can be justified, you can get the slightly smaller 240HP for around $150. The 435 has a few advantages (it is slightly lighter and has a bit more power), so buyer might wish to consider this if deciding between the two products.

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