Compare HusqvarnaIn this article we’re going to talk about and compare two chainsaws produced by one of the most popular manufacturers in the business – the Husqvarna 445 and the Husqvarna 450. When two products are alike in so many respects, it’s often difficult to decide which one is better than the other.

To look at these saws you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no difference at all. They look identical. The table below confirms many of the similarities and highlights the difference between the two machines.

 Husqvarna 445Husqvarna 450
Engine Displacement45.7cc50.2cc
Fuel Consumption481g/kWh501g/kWh
Noise levels - at operator's ear103dB(A)104dB(A)
Bar Size18 inches
18 inches
Oil Reservoir Capacity8.8 fl. oz.8.8 fl. oz.
Oil System TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Chain TensioningTensioning screwTensioning screw
Chain Pitch0.325"0.325"
Chain Gauge0.05"0.05"
Chain Links72 Links72 Links
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Both saws are capable of running the same length bars. The products, as reviewed, both have 18 inch bars but they can operate with bars between 13” and 20” in length. Tensioning the chain is done by way of a tensioning screw on the side of the saw by employing similar techniques.

When it comes to oiling the saws, they both have the same fixed flow, automatic oiling system and the oil reservoirs have a capacity of 8.8 fl. Oz. In terms of weight they are identical, so there should be no perceptible difference when it comes to handling and maneuverability.

The differences between the two products are all linked to the engine size. The 450 has the larger 50.2cc engine, compared to the 445’s 45.7cc version. As a result, the 450 generates 3.2 horsepower, which is 0.4hp more than the smaller model. It also generates slightly more torque than the 445. The 450 therefore has a slight advantage in terms of power, although the difference is modest. You may find the 450 offers slightly better cutting performance for some of the tougher cuts, however will cope with most of the light/medium cutting duties for which it was designed.

As you would expect, because of the larger engine, the 450 has a higher fuel consumption. Based on the numbers above, if operated at full power, the 445 would use around 0.4 gallons per hour and the 450 almost 0.5 gallons per hour.

Given the similarities in their technical specifications, it is worth looking at what consumers think about these products.

Consumer Ratings

Consumer ratings for both these products are reasonably good. There are hundreds of on-line reviews on a number of websites. Having calculated the weighted average of these reviews (this takes into account both the rating given and the number of reviews), the 445 scores 9.1/10 and the 450 scores 8.7/10. This seems to suggest the 445 is slightly more popular with consumer.

To investigate further, we can look at what buyers liked and disliked about these chainsaws.

Husqvarna 445

Consumers like the saw’s performance, the fact that it is light for a gas saw and therefore relatively easy to handle. Favorable comments were also made about its low-vibration and reliability. In terms of negative reviews, some users found this saw difficult to start. It should be pointed out that the majority of users did not have this problem so it may be that in some cases the correct start-up procedures were not followed.

Husqvarna 450

Reviews for the 450 are very similar to the 445. Consumers particularly like the power of this saw. They feel it is capable of dealing with the toughest home use jobs and mentioned that they were able to use it for long periods without noticing any deterioration in performance.

In terms of negative reviews, a fair number of users found this saw difficult to start. The comments above about starting procedures are still valid, however, the number of people complaining was much higher in this case. It could be the case, therefore, that the larger engine saw is more difficult to start up.


The 450 is slightly more expensive. At the time of writing the price difference is around $10 so this isn’t really a factor when deciding which model to purchase.


Sorry folks, but unfortunately I have to conclude that there is no clear winner in this contest!

Both these saws are good deals. For gas chainsaws, they are lightweight and easy to use. Consumer ratings for both saws are good, with the 445 just having the edge in terms of better scores. Neither saw is absolutely perfect but then again I haven’t yet come across the chainsaw that is.

So which one should you choose? If you prefer to have that little extra zip then the 450 may be the preferred choice, though in reality the 445 will handle most light/medium tasks you are likely to need it for around the home. On the other hand, if you don’t need that extra power, you would save a few bucks on running costs over time by choosing the 445.

Still unsure, head over to our review section for our more detailed reviews of these products

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