It has recently been announced that Makita and Dolmar, two large players in the power tools market are merging into a single brand. This new brand will be known as Makita Power Equipment.

The Makita Corporation

Makita Dolmar

The Makita Electric Works was founded in Japan in 1915 by Mosaburo Makita. Initially they started out selling and repairing lighting equipment, motors and transformers and it wasn’t until the late 1950s that the company was transformed into an electric power tool manufacturer.

Over the years, the company has expanded its operations throughout the world, establishing manufacturing set-ups in many countries. In 1984 it established the Makita Corporation of America (in the United States) and began manufacturing in the US a year later.

Innovation has always been part of the company’s history. Indeed, they developed the first rechargeable power tool (the 6500 battery-powered drill) in 1969 and the first nickel-cadmium battery tool (the 6010D rechargeable drill) in 1978.

Today, the company produces a wide-range of products including chainsaws, drills, saws and other garden equipment. Their products are highly distinctive and famous for their turquoise color.

In 1991 they acquired Sachs Dolmar GmbH a German chainsaw manufacturer which has continued to operate as a separate entity.


Dolmar was founded in Germany in 1927 (originally Sachs Dolmar) and has a long history of producing gas powered chainsaws.

Like Makita, the company has a great tradition of innovation and development. Their first Class “A” petrol chainsaw was developed in 1927 and in 1952 the first one-man petrol operated chainsaw (the Dolmar “CP”) entered production. Other innovations include dual-mass vibration damper and new duplex air intake systems.

Today, in addition to chainsaws, the company also produces a range of other power tools, including garden tools and water pumps. These are mainly gas powered tools and are distinguished by their traditional orange colors.

Dolmar chainsaws are renowned for their impressive power to weight ratio. The company currently has 21 products available (19 gas, one electric and one pole saw).

What this merger means

Dolmar still offers its own branded products worldwide through a selection of dealers. A few of their products are also available from dealers, such as Lowe’s in the US.

A range of orange gas powered saws, manufactured in Germany and with the Makita branding is now available in the US. The new single brand is therefore likely to provide a wider selection of saws in the US for both the professional and home user. It remains to be seen if the new gas powered saws will eventually be changed to the traditional turquoise branding.

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