remington rm1425 limb n trim 8 amp 14 inch chainsaw review

Need to do some tidying up around the yard and don’t want to spend a fortune in the process? Then add the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp Electric Chainsaw to your list.

The RM1425 will take care all those small cutting jobs that you’ve been putting off for months! If you’ve ever tried to cut through a tree limb or done some pruning with a handsaw, you know how much effort and hard work this takes. In this review you’ll discover exactly how the RM1425 can take the strain and help you get the job done in no time at all.

Coming in under $60, you could buy this saw for less than it would cost to get somebody in to tidy your yard. And you get to keep the saw too…….

Carry on reading to learn more.

Performance and Handling

The RM1425 has been specifically designed for carrying out all those small jobs around your property. This lightweight saw will make short work of labor intensive tasks like trimming hedges, pruning trees and disposing of dead limbs.

So, exactly what are the RM1425’s capabilities?

Firstly, it has been classified as a C2 saw in accordance with CSA Z62.1-03. This is the Canadian Standard Association’s classification of chainsaws, which reads as follows: It is intended for infrequent use by homeowners, cottagers, and campers, and for general applications such as clearing, pruning, cutting firewood etc. It is not intended for prolonged periods of use. This pretty much sums up this saw.

It isn’t really suited to felling trees although it will comfortably handle saplings. When it comes to cutting through logs it can handle anything up to 8 inches in diameter without too many problems. Some users have successfully used it to cut through larger pieces (up to 14”) but commented that this took a while and placed a strain on the saw. The manufacturer advises that you should not cut logs with a diameter greater than 10 inches. This is sound advice – ignoring it will risk putting too much strain on the motor and possibly lead to burn-out.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Amp Celectric Chainsaw ReviewIn summary, the saw is best used for clearing brush (wood waste from bushes and trees which are less than four feet long and four inches in diameter), limbing fallen trees, cutting small logs and pruning. If you’ve let your land get a little bit out of control and it just needs a little care and attention, the RM1425 will do the trick.

One note of caution. This is a light saw and there may be a temptation when pruning to climb into a tree or stand on ladders to reach the branches. You should not attempt to cut limbs above shoulder height and should instead use a pole saw or get a professional on the job. This brings me to another point. A number of buyers have purchased the RM1425 hoping to attach it to their existing Remington pole saws. Please note, this saw will NOT safely fit the existing Remington pole. There are several different user opinions about whether this is possible as some users have claimed that they have done it. To clarify, I contacted the manufacturer and have been advised that this saw CANNOT be safely used with a pole.

When it comes to handling, you won’t find many saws easier to operate and control. At around 6lbs in weight it is one of the lightest saws on the market. It is very popular with older buyers who might now struggle to handle a heavier saw. It would also be a sensible option for anyone who has suffered back or shoulder problems.

Switching on the RM1425 is both simple and safe. There is no need to worry about mixing fuel, setting the choke and then pulling a cord as with gas saws. You just need to press the ‘throttle lockout’ button and then at the same time squeeze the throttle control switch. The machine will power up and only then can you release the lockout switch. To stop you simply need to release the throttle control and wait for the chain to come to a halt.

As this is an electric saw, you will require an extension cord to use and need therefore to be within reasonable distance of a power outlet. If you are using a 100 ft. extension cord, the minimum wire size of the cord should be 12 gauge. This is a minimum size and you could opt for a larger size (such as a 10ga) to get the most out of your saw. For a 50 ft. cord the minimum wire size should be 16ga and for a 25ft. cord it should be 18ga. As you can see, the longer the cord, the higher the gauge required.

Finally, I should draw your attention to a couple of small negative issues when it comes to using the RM1425. You will find that chips and sawdust are expelled from the top of the machine instead of the bottom. You should therefore expect the occasional chip to come flying in your direction. This won’t be a problem provided you wear appropriate safety glasses! Another issue is that sawdust and chips quickly start to accumulate in the unit which means that you need to clean it regularly. If you ignore this you will find that the saw will lose performance and ultimately suffer damage. To clean, you will need to remove the screw on plate on the side of the saw. This is fairly straightforward, although a little inconvenient.

Cutting Equipment

The saw is equipped with a 14 inch MTD bar and chain. (Remington is a brand owned by MTD). The chain pitch (distance between links) is 3/8 inch and the gauge (link thickness) is 0.05 inch. These measurements are pretty standard on many saws and provide a good balance between weight and performance. Replacements, should they be required, are readily available from MTD. A replacement bar will cost around $18 and a chain around $15.

The bar itself doesn’t have a nose sprocket. These sprockets are a feature on many saws and allow the chain to move more easily around the bar without losing too much heat and power. As this saw is designed for lighter duties this isn’t really an issue and on the plus side you won’t need to worry about greasing the tip of the saw.

The chain is designated as ‘low kickback’ by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). This means that it has met certain standards prescribed by ANSI but doesn’t mean that kick-back won’t occur. It should also be noted that if the chain is sharpened, some of the low kick back qualities are reduced and extra care is needed.

With this particular saw you need to ensure that you keep a close eye on chain tension and pay heed to the manufacturer’s instructions. A number of users have had issues with loose and slipping chains, some of which were possibly due to users not adhering to the instructions. The manufacturer states that the chain will loosen and require readjustment after as few as five cuts. (That means five cuts during the first usage). This is normal for the break-in period and the interval between future adjustments will quickly lengthen after this. The manufacturer recommends that chain tension should be checked before each use.

Adjusting chain tension is done by turning a chain tensioning screw on the powerhead unit next to the bar. To do this you will need a wrench to loosen a couple of bar retaining nuts and then a flat head screwdriver to adjust the tension screw. Clear instructions are provided in the User Manual and whilst it is a simple operation, it isn’t as convenient as some saws which have large tensioning buttons.

The video below shows how to properly set the chain tension.

You will find that in time the chain will stretch with use. When you reach the point where you are no longer able to obtain the correct tension the chain should be replaced.

Design and Construction

You will be pleased to learn that the RM1425 comes fully assembled so, after adding some chain bar oil, is ready to go.

The saw itself is made from hard plastic. This obviously isn’t as durable as metal and care is needed, especially when tightening bolts and screws and in general handling. That said, the plastic construction results in a lightweight saw and has also meant that the RM1425 is available at such a low price.

There is a rear handle with throttle control and a throttle lockout button. Attached to this handle is a power cord which measures around 6 inches in length. There is also a rear hand guard situated just below the handle. This is designed to protect the user’s right hand should the chain break during operation.

The front handle is positioned on the left hand side of the saw and has a large hand guard to protect the operator’s left hand should it slip off the handle during use.

The powerhead has a cover on the right hand side which can be removed with the help of a wrench to enable bar and chain replacement as well as cleaning. Also on the powerhead you will find the chain oil reservoir cap.
On the front of the powerhead, there is a bumper spike. This is for use when felling and bucking and helps to maintain a stable position when cutting. Unlike most saws, however, this is made from plastic and not metal so won’t be as durable as the spikes on those other saws. Given that you won’t be doing any heavy duty cutting this shouldn’t pose a problem.

There is a two-prong polarized plug on the saw’s power cord. The saw will accept all standard 3-wire extension cords, although the manufacturer advises that as this appliance is double-insulated a 2 wire extension cord can be used.

To keep the power cord and extension cord from coming apart during use you should use a plug-receptacle retaining strap or tie it off as shown below.

Cord Tie Off


The RM1425 has an 8 Amp Motor which in theory should be capable of generating around 1.3 brake horsepower. Although this is at the lower end of the chainsaw spectrum in terms of motor power, it is appropriate for this saw which has not been designed for heavy duty cutting.

If, however, you try to overtax the saw by taking on jobs for which it was never intended, don’t be surprised if the motor either overheats or burns out completely.

You will find that the saw is quiet during operation so it won’t disturb your family and neighbors too much. It is also much cleaner to run than a gas saw so you won’t have to breathe in any unpleasant fumes during cutting.

On occasion you may wish to use the saw where there is no access to a power point. The saw can be attached to a portable generator. You should ensure that the generator has a running power of at least 1,200 watts, although to ensure top performance using a generator with 1,500 watts would be a better option.

In summary, the motor on this saw is sufficient to cope with all the tasks for which the saw has been designed.

Chain Oil System

As with all saws, you need to ensure that the chain is properly oiled.

The RM1425 has a 1.5oz (44ml) oil reservoir. This is quite small (about the size of a ‘shot’ glass) so care is needed when filling. The oil filler cap itself is positioned on the top of the powerhead at an angle so it is advisable to use a funnel when filling to avoid spillage.

The level of oil in the reservoir should be checked on a regular basis and always before each use. There is a chain oil ‘level window’ positioned on the unit between the front handle and the front hand guard. The manufacturer advises that you should look into the chain oil level window; use a flashlight if necessary…the oil level should fill the window at least halfway. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Users have commented that even with a flashlight the level of oil is difficult to see as the window is so small. If you have trouble seeing the oil level, the best advice is to fill the reservoir carefully with a funnel on a regular basis. It is possible that there will be some slight spillage which should be wiped away with a damp cloth.

It is important that only bar and chain oil which is able to perform at various temperatures should be used. Note that NO chain oil is included with the saw so if you haven’t already got a supply some will need to be bought at the time of your saw purchase. A quart of Oregon ‘all season’ lubricant will cost less than $15 and given that it will fill the reservoir 21 times should last a while. The oil should not be diluted in any way and motor/petroleum based oils should not be used.

There is no automatic oiler with this saw so to get oil to the blade you need to press the chain oil bulb several times to release the oil. The oil bulb is situated on top of the oil reservoir cap. Each time you cut a limb you should press the bulb at least once to release some oil (you may not need to release as much for very light pruning). Should you notice any smoke from the blade or pitch build up (tree sap) on the chain, this is a sign that not enough oil is being applied. It should be pointed out that the oil bulb is made of plastic as opposed to rubber and can crack if pressed too vigorously.

One final point worth mentioning is that many users have commented that oil leaks from the reservoir when not in use. The manufacturer advises that this is normal. To mitigate this some users have emptied the reservoir after use and laid the saw on its right hand side. This may work, however you should expect the possibility of some leakage and bear this in mind when storing.

Safety Features

Safety features on the RM1425 include:

• Front and rear handle guards to protect both hands against chain and flying debris damage.
• A throttle lockout switch which must be deployed before the chain will start up. This is designed to prevent accidental start-up.
• Chain catcher to reduce injury if the chain breaks or disengages from the bar.
• Designated low kickback saw. This means the saw has met certain standards which minimize the risk and intensity of kickback.

Interestingly, the saw doesn’t have a chain lock and brake. For example, you will find that when using other saws an automatic brake will deploy in the event of kickback, halting movement of the chain. This brake can also be operated by pushing forward the front hand guard. Unfortunately the RM1425 doesn’t employ these features, however this shouldn’t be a problem provided that the saw is used for its intended purpose.


With the bar attached, the saw measures 28 inches (L) x 7 inches (W) x 8 inches (H).
It weighs around 6lbs without chain oil.

As you can see, this is clearly a light and compact saw.


Apart from a user guide and cardboard scabbard for the bar, the RM1425 does not come with any accessories. Remington were definitely intent on keeping cost to an absolute minimum with this saw.


• Very low price
• Lightweight saw which is easy to handle.
• Simple to operate
• Quiet operation
• No assembly required


• Design fault means that sawdust and chips accumulate in the machine requiring constant cleaning.
• Oil leakage when not in use requires care to be taken during storage.
• Need to check chain tension regularly

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Consumer Ratings

There are literally hundreds of reviews of this product on line and the vast majority of them are positive. Consumers commented on how easy the saw is to handle, how efficiently it cuts, not to mention the fantastically low price.
(Many users commented that it costs less to buy this saw than to replace a chain on their existing saws!)

Negative reviews centered on problems with the chain coming loose, oil leakage, motor burnout and the problem of chips and sawdust accumulating in the saw. Some of these criticisms are justified (for example the saw dust problems) but other issues may have been the result of users not adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, there are very specific instructions about chain tensioning (especially during early use) as well as information about oil leakage. In terms of motor problems, some of this may have been due to pushing the machine beyond its limits.

Whilst a number of these complaints are no doubt genuine, the majority of buyers are very happy with their purchase and the positive ratings are therefore fully justified.

You should buy this saw if:

• You need a lightweight, compact saw for occasional use around the yard
• You don’t want to spend a great deal of money
• You don’t mind cleaning and maintaining your saw.

You should not buy this saw if:

• You need a chainsaw to carry out heavy duty tasks on a regular basis.
• You are looking for a premium quality saw.

There is a 12 month warranty on the RM1425 covering material and workmanship defects. To maintain the warranty, you should ensure that the product has been properly maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Price of the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim

Well, what can we say about the price? Remington has done everything possible to keep costs down and although the Remington RM1425 Limb and Trim doesn’t have the features and build of other saws, you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper model on the market right now. It therefore represents good value for the money.

remington rm1425 limb n trim 8 amp 14 inch chainsaw review

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