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If you’re tired of hand cutting and pruning all those trees and bushes around your yard, the Ryobi P547 10 Inch One+ Cordless Chainsaw could be just the product you are looking for.

It’s light, easy to use and now provides twice the power of its predecessor. You can also use the batteries with other power tools in the Ryobi One+ range. Don’t expect to cut down any large trees with this saw, however if you just need something for the occasional light cutting task around your property then you won’t go too far wrong with the Ryobi.

Read our review to find out more.

Performance and Handling

You won’t find many easier chainsaws to operate than the Ryobi P547. Small, lightweight and easy to start, this machine is ideal for occasional light cutting and pruning tasks around the yard.

Let’s have a look at some of its features in more detail. First off, it benefits from simple start/stop procedures. As with pretty much all electric saws, starting is reliable and instant. All you need to do is activate the throttle trigger by pressing the lock-out button and then press the trigger. To stop the saw you simply need to release the throttle. This means that you do not need to keep the saw running between cuts, thereby preserving battery life.

The saw is light and the small 10 inch bar means it is easily maneuverable and allows you to cut and trim in the tightest of spaces. If you are accustomed to using power tools you won't have any problems handling this machine.

Turning to performance, don’t expect the Ryobi to exude power – it isn’t this kind of saw. The manufacturer states that it is suitable for: limbing and pruning as well as cutting trees with a maximum diameter of 7 inches. User feedback suggests that it performs best sawing trees and branches up to 5 inches in diameter with anything above this taking more work and time. There is a real divide amongst users about whether this machine is powerful or not. My own guess is that if you are used to using other chainsaws you may find this a little under-powered in comparison whereas if this is your first saw it will have more than enough clout. It certainly has a much lower cutting speed than many saws and although this might mean slower cutting, a few users mentioned that it felt much safer to use than other machines.


ryobi p547 10 inch one+ 18 volt cordless chainsaw review

All things said, most people did agree that it has enough power to cope with its occasional light duties. So, in summary, don’t expect it to do any heavy duty sawing. It is, however, excellent for clearing brush and light cutting around the yard and garden.

Cutting Equipment

The P547 has a 10 inch guide bar and chain.

The bar is the manufacturer’s own brand and is a reversible, narrow-kerf variety. The fact that it has a narrow kerf reduces the size of the kickback area, making kickback less likely and the saw therefore safer to use.

The chain has a 3/8” pitch, 0.043” gauge (thickness) and 40 drive links. It is lighter than the 0.05” gauge chains which makes it slightly less durable but does help to increase cutting speed. You will need to ensure that the chain is kept properly tensioned and on the Ryobi this is done using a Hex key to turn the tensioner on the side of the machine. Although it isn’t a tool-less system as you would find on some models, users will find this to be a relatively straightforward and quick process.

The chain tension should be checked regularly, especially when the chain is new and more prone to stretching. In terms of cutting, the chain speed is 4 m/s. This is pretty slow compared to other larger saws and means less efficient cutting performance. This is another reason why this model is only suitable for light cutting where you will find that this is quite adequate.

Design and Construction

The Ryobi P547 is a simply designed chainsaw which has all the features you would expect to see.

Ryobi 1

The rear handle has a hand guard and houses the trigger and lock-out switches used to start the saw. The oil cap is positioned at the top of the saw in an easily accessible position which makes filling up with bar oil easy and straightforward. Just below the cap is the oil reservoir window and below the window (not shown on the diagram) is the Hex key storage area. This is a useful design feature which allows the Hex key to always be close at hand should you need to tighten the chain half way through cutting. Also on the right hand side of the saw is the chain tensioner. As you can see this is easily accessible.

On top of the saw you will find the front wrap handle and a hand guard which sits just in front of this.

This product comes assembled so all you need to do is charge the battery, fill up with bar and chain oil and you are ready to go.


The Ryobi comes with an 18 volt Lithium, 2.0 Amp Hour battery and charger. The battery is part of the manufacturer’s One+ system and can be used in other power tools. Indeed, this chainsaw is particularly popular with people who have other tools in this range and therefore have plenty of spare batteries.

The battery itself is an upgrade from the previous nickel-cadmium battery which was included with the old model and according to the manufacturer offers twice the cutting time. The new battery has a convenient fuel gauge and offers fade free power, which means it will be as strong at the end of its charge as it is at the beginning.

So, how does the 18v battery perform? It isn’t the most powerful unit available (larger battery saws have up to 80 volt batteries) but it is plenty big enough for pruning and light cutting. However, one major complaint of many users is that the battery life is limited and feedback suggests that you will get on average around 15 minutes cutting time per charge. For many people this isn’t an issue because they either have additional batteries from other One+ tools or they can do all the light cutting and tidying up required on a single charge. If you have to undertake larger jobs and want longer life you will need to invest in another battery and/or upgrade to the 4 Amp Hour (AH) version which provides extended run time. You can pick up an additional 2AH battery for around $45. A 4AH battery will cost in the region of $99 and you should remember that the larger battery will both weigh more and take longer to charge.

When it comes to charging, you will find that a recharge takes around an hour.

Chain Oil System

Unlike the lubrication systems on many modern chainsaws, the P547 has a manual oiler. To lubricate the bar and chain you therefore need to remember to press the primer on the oil tank cap a couple of times. This task should be performed every couple of minutes.

Clearly the downside of this is that if you forget to press the primer the bar will cut dry and this will result in poor cutting performance and possible damage to the cutting equipment. The positive aspect of a manual oiler is that you can release as much oil as is needed to match the cutting conditions, something which isn’t possible with automatic oilers.

You do of course need to add oil to the reservoir, which is easily done through the cap on top of the saw. After this the level of oil should be checked regularly which is simple thanks to the transparent reservoir window. The manufacturer recommends that Ryobi bar and chain lubricant is used, although in the absence of this any good quality bar and chain oil can be added.

There are a couple of other points worthy of mention here. Firstly, like most chainsaws, you will find that the unit leaks some bar oil when not in use so it is worth thinking about how and where it is stored. Secondly, the product does not come with any oil supplied so you will need to purchase some if necessary.

Safety Features

The Ryobi comes with the basic safety features you would expect to see on a saw of this size. These include:

  • Reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain which meets the appropriate ANSI B.175.1 industry standards in this regard.
  • Front and rear handguards. These protect the hands from debris as well as coming into contact with a whipping chain.
  • Safe starting system which means that the throttle trigger can only be activated when the lockout button is pressed. You cannot therefore accidentally start the saw.


Without the battery, the saw weighs 6.5lbs. The handling weight with the battery is round 8.5lbs.


This product comes with a Lithium+ battery and charger, operator’s manual, a hex key and a cover to protect the bar and chain.


• Easy to use

• Lightweight

• Plenty of power for light cutting

• Reasonably priced

• No assembly required

• Quiet operation


• Slow cutting speed

• Short runtime

• Oil can leak during storage

Consumer Ratings

I have studied over 150 online reviews for the Ryobi and they are generally positive, with around 85% of buyers rating the product as either good or excellent.

Buyers like the fact that it is light and easy to use, as well as its cutting performance on small branches and trees.

In terms of negatives, some consumers were disappointed in the runtime on a single battery charge although it should be said the majority of people did not have an issue with this.

You should buy this chainsaw if:

• You want a saw which is easy to start and use.

• You want a saw which is quiet and safe to use.

• You need a saw for occasional light cutting around the yard.

• You don’t have access to a power outlet.

• You own other power tools in the Ryobi One+ range.

You should not buy this chainsaw if:

• You have a lot of medium/heavy cutting tasks to carry out.

• You need a long battery runtime between charges.


The P547 comes with a limited 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ryobi P547 10 inch Chainsaw Price

This saw is currently priced at under $200 on Amazon. As Home Depot sell the saw exclusively on behalf of Ryobi they often have excellent deals so it is worth checking out the price on this site. We believe that it represents good value.


ryobi p547 10 inch one+ 18 volt cordless chainsaw

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